Retirering from this account.

2007-11-29 09:46:32 by DavidKracht

Say goodbye to this account, i've only posted crap and loads of crap exept Vexeta, vexophase, and also i like breeze in the sun and a happy time, but since then i havent posted anything good.

This is why you in the future should visit where i will post things that is top-class or at least what i'm really happy with. I will use this account to post things i havent finished or previews, thoughts and so.

See you on the other side,
- David K. L.


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2007-12-09 21:33:49

NOOOOOO! man you rocked

DavidKracht responds:

It's not like i'm dead or anything :D Just visit the other profile instead. I'ws just tired of getting bad preview and votes in at last.


2008-02-02 13:03:12

So-Which profile should I credit for my favorite audio, Vexeta?

DavidKracht responds:

One of them, or both. It doesen't really matter :)