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A new song is up!

2007-08-02 09:07:28 by DavidKracht

-´Breeze in the Sun`- is up and open for downloading or listening!

Check it out!

Holy #¤"#%!
Vexeta have been placed as number #2 on the best tracks ever list!

Thanks to all my listeners!

- David

Vexeta, the sequel to my second song at newgrounds is up!
New instruments, new melody, and new swishes!
Can't get much better, so my next song will be a song for itself, meaning i will not continue on Vex's.

Keep listining to music!
- David

Lol, i forgot that i had posted The Technoligy Piano, so i have written in my author's comments on Vexophase that it is my first songs at newgrounds.

It is not!

Whatsoever, its not a big mistake. Won't happen again though.

- Peace, David.