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The title says it all. -´The Return of Vex`- is up, and you better not miss it =)

Vexeta has 43.000+ listens and it's still increasing. Let's see how this will do :)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /122489

Enjoy everyone!
- David K. Lam

Say goodbye to this account, i've only posted crap and loads of crap exept Vexeta, vexophase, and also i like breeze in the sun and a happy time, but since then i havent posted anything good.

This is why you in the future should visit davidkrachtlam.newgrounds.com where i will post things that is top-class or at least what i'm really happy with. I will use this account to post things i havent finished or previews, thoughts and so.

See you on the other side,
- David K. L.

Going Hardcore.....

2007-11-18 12:42:34 by DavidKracht

Made a Speedcore song.

I think i'm going hardcore for my next songs, classical didn't suit me.

Regards, and damn what a short post,
- David


2007-11-02 07:14:39 by DavidKracht

I've finally begun composing again!

This time, i've gone to the claaaAAAsical, and released a preview of the song. The full version will have an intro and lots of good stuff.

Enjoy, and have a great day everyone!

- David

I seriously can't compose at the moment. My skills and melody senses have weakened so much, and i don't know why. If it wasn't for my Vex's, i would have gone out.

Just be patient guys. (And girls?)
I'll come up with something, or at least, i hope.

After that have been said, i found a bunch of VERY old songs (my own of course) on my comp.

I uploaded one of them, BEWARE! It may not be as good as my others, both in quality and such. I made it the time i was using Ejay, before i got FL Studio.

- David

You have properbly all noticed my last couple of songs really weren't so good.

I'm going to make a new Vex.

Prepare for..........Vexeria!!!

A bit, not much, but a bit.

Check out my new preview!

I'm having a difficult time finding right melodies and such, and i've totally lost the sense of good melodies, as you properbly can see on my last two submissions. They stink, say it out loud for christ sake.

More to the point, it may be a little while before i release something, because i need a break.

Peace to all of you,
- David

Vexeta is a remix of some songs called Vertex's.

For those of you who wondered, i send my apologies, i was so shocked to see it on the top list that i forgot to say it, (YES, SERIOUSLY).

My apologies to all of you who wondered,
- David

It makes my friend very happy.

Check out the new song.